kawasaki rogo Short Pipe lining
About necessity of large diameter short pipe lining (Rehabilitation of existing pipe)

Piping material is superannuated if it is used for years.
This is the same also in large diameter pipe.
If it is used in many cases as an important supervisor and the leakage-of-water accident from holes on pipe wall or a flange portion occurs, the influence on the circumference will also become large.
And, as for the system, which is using large diameter pipe, trouble will produce it also on piping operation.
Although the lining steel pipe is used as a measure against the prolongation of life of piping, a crack goes into a lining layer by use, or, on the whole, it wears out, and the lining layer drops out.
Rust etc. will generate the part, which once dropped out in a piping inside, and partial degradation advances rapidly. Lining leather film exfoliation of a pipe inside etc.
sometimes arises according to some conditions, and when the exfoliation portion bites on a pump etc., it thinks.
Especially, in the short pipe and joint more than 600A, it is a custom-made item, time for delivery is taken, and an immediate action becomes difficult. Moreover, it is the present condition, which cannot consider foreseeing the future and securing from various factors as spare parts easily, either.
However, if the existing piping is diverted and re-inside lining is carried out, it can respond in piping remove and installation time, the lining time necessary for completion, and care dry time, and the completion of repair will be carried out at as immediate as possible and a low price.
About short pipe lining
The pipe for lining carries out a stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, a cast iron pipe, steal pipe, various lining steel pipes, etc.
Also in a new pipe, in an established pipe, it considers as our company factory processing fundamentally, and local processing is also possible depending on the case.
ĤAlso carry out heat-resistant lining processing for air conditioning pipe in a machinery room at short pipe lining.
The stable lining layer, which cleared boiling point of water is formed.
yLining specificationz
œResin Lining
œFRP Lining
œLaminate Lining
The above lining specifications are three main kinds.
Although short pipe lining of a small caliber pipe is also carried out, short pipe lining more than diameter of piping 600A is carried out.
When presenting a drink, the JWWA K-135 article epoxy resin is used.
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