kawasaki rogo About Inspection Works of Water Leak

Some water leak problems are very simple such as over flow and water leak from cock, etc.
However, in case of wide underground water supply pipes,
it is very important to inspect water leaks to reduce the scales of works.
Our inspection methods execute on the surface of road,
therefore it is not necessary to dig and cut pipes.
Also, most inspection equipment are handy type,
so there is almost no noise problem to the around.
Inspection methods will be changed depend on the sites,
but normally professional water leaks inspectors are required as two/three inspectors per one party.
However, the inspection works will be postponed in case of rain or a gale.
water leak
((Situation of sound-listening inspection))
※This inspection is normally to find out the water leaks points.
Confirmative inspection will be executed after repaired pipes, if necessary.

About the contents of inspection works by equipment
Sound-listening inspection Inspect by the sound-listening bar and water leaks detector at the each fixed point.
Inspection of piping route Find out the piping route from the surface of road by distribution pipe detector and super sonic detector.
Water flow inspection Set up the ultra sonic flow meter on the pipes to measure the water flowing.
Water pressure inspection To make a total data of water pressure records the difference of pressure at all time.
Other inspection Inspect by the underground radar, pH inspection and inspection of unknown water.

The above mentioned inspection methods will be combined depends on the sites.
Those inspection methods are suitable for distribution pipes of swimming pool, schools,
main/branch water supply pipes and distribution pipes of government building.

In case of the sound-listening inspection, silent situation will be necessary to hear the weak water leak sound.
Water leaks inspection will be executed mainly at night.
※In case of the specified water leak points, regeneration works will be suitable to stop water leak instead of replacement.
Preliminary inspection will be necessary to know the site condition
and inspection methods will be changed depends on the site condition.
Especially in case of the copper/stainless pipes, electrolytic corrosion problems will be easily occurred.
Those pinholes of pipe will be recover by the regeneration works of pipes.

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