kawasaki rogo About removal and blockade work against legionella bacteria
About removal and blockade work against legionella bacteria
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About removal and blockade work against legionella bacteria

It was often reported on large-scaled proliferation of legionella bacteria, especially in hot circulation pipeline.
In case of large-scaled proliferation of legionella bacteria, market makes demand that high accuracy and immediate effect against legionella bacteria and also,
same inside condition with new pipe.
There is a way to inhibit legionella bacteria proliferation by raising temperature of existing circulation pipeline,
however this measure never can say the best way to inhibit lagionella bacteria proliferation.
Even though kill bacteria by raising temperature, it is necessary to enough cleaning of inside pipe.
For example, it is necessary to removal legionella bacteria, which invade into rust, screw parts, valves, gauges, etc.
To solve above-mentioned problems, our company would like to recommend method to removal and blockade legionella bacteria at all lines.
yWorking available for pipelinesz
Possibly pipelines to occurrence of legionella bacteria
Iron pipe, Vinyl lining pipe, copper pipe, stainless pipe and vinyl pipe, etc.
Available size is 13mm to 800mm in standard.
Lining layer can endure boiling point of water.
Available for elbow/T pipes.

yAbout working methodz
Sand jet method and pigging method will be selected depends on the diameters of pipes.
Cleaning inside of existing pipe by polishing material with compressed air, and lining inside diameter by epoxy resin.
This method called rehabilitation work of existing pipe.
Jump into rehabilitation method of existing pipe.

yAbout resinz
Resin have to be used JWWA K135 in case of drinking water. Also, hot pipeline/air conditioning pipe will be use heat-resistant type to consider the boiling point of fluid. In case of Japanese Government specification, below object must be cleared.
The use of resin will be epoxy resin
epoxy resin must be heat-resistant type til 98 degree Celsuis on ground
Epoxy resin must be pass JWWA K-135 examination.
Thickness of epoxy lining layer must over 500 micron.

yOther efficiencyz
These sand jet and pigging methods can be improve inside condition of existing pipe
and extend endurable time of existing pipes as same as replacement to new pipe.

œRed water from screw parts of vinyl lining pipe
iNot only iron pipe, hot pipeline often brings red water problem. After rehabilitation of existing pipe, inside diameter is covered by epoxy lining layer at all including elbow and joint parts.j
œPin holes of stainless/copper pipe
iWhen use stainless/copper as materials for hot water line, pinholes problem will be often occurred due to decrease of oxidation protect layer in inside diameter.j
œAvailable for short pipe lining around boiler
iAround boiler temperature will be approximately 80 degree Celsius, therefore heat-resistant resin will be necessary to endure boiling point of water.j

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