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Pipe Lining Works has two processes, one is cleaning and the another is lining. To cleaning inside of existing pipes,
put the polishing materials or pig through the inside of pipes by compressed air or water to get rid of any rust.
After cleaning of existing pipes, lining the special epoxy resins equally to the inside of pipes to coat.
Please refer to the result of water examination from here.
Mainly, we have two kinds of method to complete cleaning and lining of any sized pipes named
Sand Jet Method and Pigging Method.
Those methods will simply explain as follows;

In case of drinkable storage fluid l`wXW

Available for 13 mm to 800 mm sized pipes
made of stainless, steel, copper, Vinyl Choloridation,Vinyl Choloridation Lining, and cast metal, etc.
uProcess of Sand Jet Methodv
Sand Jet

Available for 13mm to 100mm sized pipes and branches pipes. Process is as follows;

1. To get rid of any moisture and drying the inside of water pipe,
use air compressor to send the air to the inside of pipe.
However, compressed air contains a lot of moisture itself,
so then, send the heated air (80`200) to dry up the inside of water pipe completely.
2. After drying the inside of water pipe, put the polishing materials
into the pipe and send them with strong air pressure
(The velocity of the wind: 90m/sec) to get rid of any rust or dirt physically
with polishing materials.
3. After cleaning and polishing the inside of water pipe,
drying well again by heated air completely.
4. Lining the epoxy resins equally to the inside of water pipes
and drying the epoxy resins by dried air completely.
5. To the connecting pipe work.
Especially for Schools, Government Buildings,
Offices and Apartment House of water supply pipes, air conditioning pipes
and under ground pipes.

uProcess of Pigging Methodv

The under photographs are the sites of water pipe bridge 350mm to 400mm.
pig1 pig2 pig3 pig4

1. Fix the launcher and the catcher of Pig to the entrance and exit of water pipe.
2. To drying the inside of water pipe, send the compressed heated air to the pipe
and drying the rust up completely.
3. Put the Pig, of which is polishing material and send it through the pipe
by strong compressed air to cleaning and polishing physically.
4. To lining the epoxy resins, use the Pig,
of which is nearly same sized ball with the diameter of pipe
and send it by the strong compressed air so that epoxy resins
will be equally coat the inside of water pipes.
5. After coating the epoxy resins, send the enough air to the inside
of water pipe to dry it up completel
6. To the connecting pipe works.

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