kawasaki rogo Duct Cleaning
Before execution of cleaning work and after execution of cleaning work
LINE Rubbish and dirt will be sticking on the inside of air conditioning duct and kitchen duct cause of long use.
Ticks and bacillus will be propagated, if those rubbish and dirt in the duct and it is not good for your health. Also, the above mentioned problems will be effect to the related machinery and bring on the fire problem and accidents.
Therefore, it is important to cleaning the inside of duct regularly. Duct cleaning works is basically cleaning the existing duct by human/cleaning machine.

Working process of duct cleaning

Carry into cleaning machines and set up
・・・ Dust collector, fan, various equipment, etc.
Preliminary measuring
・・・ Measurement the velocity of wind from the blow off duct.
Temporary sheeting work
・・・ Lay the vinyl sheet on the site and floor, etc.
Connecting works of each cleaning machine/equipment
・・・ Devise the duct and connect with the cleaning machines.
Duct cleaning
・・・ Set the duct collector to the exit of duct and send the compressed air from the entrance.
Execute the cleaning by human/cleaning machines such as air duster/bag.

Reconstruction of duct
・・・ Reconstruction of duct and heating insulation materials.
Cleaning of related machines of duct
・・・ Execute the cleaning of inside of machines and replace the filters.
Test working and various measurement
・・・ Measurement the velocity of wind from the blow off duct.
Carry out of machines/equipment of duct cleaning.