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「Drainpipe, Water Supply Pipe, Transmission Pipe, Salt Water Pipe, Hot Water Pipe, Gas Distribution Pipe, Fire Fighting Pipe, Coolant Pipe, Cold/Hot Water Pipe, Sewage Pipe, Electric Wire Pipe, Plant Distribution Pipe, Chemical Fluid Pipe and Hot Spring Distribution Pipe, etc.」
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marksandjet Method」
markpig Method」

Cleaning the existing pipe and lining the special resins to the inside of
pipe to regenerate by the above mentioned methods.

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Generally say, life span of water supply pipe is 15 years
however the large amount of chlorine is throwing into the low water to make sterile water due
to the water pollution recently. Normally, 10 years aged pipes bring about the red water, low flowing, etc,
but now days even though 1 to 2 years aged pipes,
those problems will also be occurred cause of the above mentioned reason.
Before the execution of lining works,
result of water examination shows 3 to 4 clauses were unsuitableness as a drinking water,
however after cleaning and lining the inside of water supply pipe, water quality will be suitable for drink in safe.
Meanwhile, a lot of rust prevents the water flow in the air conditioning pipe
and this problem brings the functional disorder and wastes the operating cost.
Regeneration works also can solve this problem by using the heat resistant lining material
and existing air conditioning pipe will be recovery such as new pipes.
To distribute the clean water to every household in safe,
we recommend the execution of regeneration works
and our science technology can service to you at short term and low cost.

The above sample pictures are 29 years old Vinyl Chloridation Iron Pipe.
Cause of the large amount of rust from the connecting parts, red water is flowing from the cock.
We mainly handle the regeneration works of Vinyl Chloridation Iron Pipe.

Do you have any water problems such as water leak, red water,
low flowing even though its new installation pipes?
You don't have to replace it yet!

There is a lot of way to regenerate existing pipe except replacement of pipes.
Especially in the stainless and copper pipes, it is very easy to leaks water cause of electrolytic corrosion
and some times it is very hard to replace them depend on the site.
Therefore, we recommend the regeneration works instead of replacement of pipe without any digging.


「After the cleaning process of Water Reservoir, Filtration Tank, Sewage Treatment Tank, Water Tank (Underground/Up-ground), Overhead Water Tank, Hot Water Tank, Chemical Fluid Tank, execution of lining works. For various kinds of tanks made of FRP, Wood, RC including the metal tanks (stainless, iron, copper, etc.)」

Temperature of Storage Fluid MAX230℃
In case of storage fluid for drinking MAX120℃
「For various kinds of tanks made of FRP, Wood,
RC including the metal materials (stainless, iron, copper, etc.)」

There is a various kinds of lining methods, because lining materials (resins)
are very easy to affect by the physically condition such as temperature, humidity and time, etc.
it is very important to inspect the site condition well to make the most suitable resins for site.
After the priming process to the inside of pipe, execute the lining process by using special resins.
Cause of the above mentioned reason to use resins as a lining material,
it is very important to know the site condition and inspect the site
by lining engineers before the execute of regeneration works of pipe.

Also, resins will be change to the different characteristic by the temperature
and concentrate of the fluid, so it is very important to know the flowing fluid in the pipe,
substance name, concentration, temperature and so on.
In case of the tank lining, of which can not leave out the storage fluid such as well,
under water hardening type resins will be useful.


pool lining There is a various kinds of water proofing works such as asphalt waterproof,
seat water proof, mortar waterproof, paint film water proof,
ceiling water proof and epoxy resin water proof, etc.
It is possible to water proof on the roof/veranda, wooden parts, tile,
oily kitchen floor, and the inside of refrigerator.
The left photograph is execution of FRP Lining to the swimming pool made of aluminum.

cuts Attention): If the waterproof layer deteriorated under the tiled floor such as lavatory and kitchen,
it is hard to stop the water leak to the under floor.
However, our waterproof method can handle this problem without any digging
or broken tiles by using special resins on the tiled floor.


It is generally using mortar waterproof/paint film waterproof for the regeneration system layer,
but explosion problem will be occurred in the inside of layer cause of the cracks of the floor/wall surfaces
and the rust of reinforcing rot bar.
If any moisture permeate into the heat insulation materials, its effectiveness will be decrease
and waste the large amount of energy to operate, also dew condensation problem will be occurred.
To prevent the above mentioned problems, lining the special soft resins to the floor, wall,
ceiling of layer instead of heat insulation materials.
Under photographs are samples of above-mentioned problem.

cuts Attention): Even though establish the heat insulation materials in the layer,
it will be deteriorate and occur a lot of problems such as dew condensation and water leak.
However, it is almost impossible to repair this by the normal waterproof/heating works except
the replacement of heat insulation materials.
Therefore, special lining method will be useful instead of heat insulation material.
Please let us know your problems by e-mail.

aniwater leak

Drinking water is very precious source for us,
however we waste the large amount of drinking water every day in the world cause
of water leak of water supply pipes actually.
It is very difficult to find the water leak points from the existing water supply pipes without any digging.
Therefore, we have been making every effort to improve the inspection method of water leak
without any destruction/digging in short term and low cost.
Now days,
it is possible to inspect the water leak point on the road surface by using super sonic equipment.
Please contact with us to know the details of inspection method by e-mail.
Also we can write the drawing of pipe arrangement, of which buried underground
and suggest the priority order to repair perfectly

To protect the aircraft radar system, bridge, shipping, floodgate, metal, cement, wood,
etc from the any corrosions.
It is very difficult to keep clean sculpture/wooden pole in the outside.
anticorrosive materials are permeating into the any kinds of materials to protect
and its transparency.

Also, it is possible to lining the frictionproof resins on the surface
of materials to increase endurance of any kinds of materials.

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